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Welcome to Sunshine Dermatology

Welcome to the Sunshine Dermatology website. We hope that it will provide some useful information for you.

We are a private dermatology clinic located at Minyama on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. The clinic is owned by Dr Gary Holmes and his wife Dr Margaret Anderson.

We are "old fashioned" at Sunshine Dermatology, in that we still believe that having the doctor explain the condition and its management is the most important part of the consultation process.

Dr Gary Holmes is a London and Australian trained Dermatologist who specialises in:

Acne treatments.

Detection and management of sun spots (actinic keratoses).

Detection and management of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers.

Dr Holmes uses skin cancer creams, Photodynamic therapy, cryotherapy, cautery, and other surgical techniques to provide comprehensive treatment strategies.

He is a specialist in general dermatology:  ie diseases of the skin, nails, hair and genitals; eg Acne;   Rosacea;   Dermatitis;  Eczema;  Psoriasis;  and Rashes

Dr Margaret Anderson has worked for 13 years as a cosmetic GP / Physician. 



Did you know we can help you with…

Sun damage repair before and after.

Sun damage is a broad term that includes the development of benign and cancerous changes.

Benign / harmless but still... read more