Frequently Asked Questions

Below find the answer to some commonly asked questions.

Dr Gary Holmes is a "Specialist Dermatologist", and therefore, a referral from a general practitioner or other specialist is necessary to claim the Medicare rebate for a specialist consultation.

Referrals from GPs last 12 months but referrals from other specialists only last 3 months. It is the patient’s responsibility to ensure the referral is current.

Please note that we do not accept indefinite referrals for skin checks.

Dr Margaret Anderson is a cosmetic GP and therefore does not require a referral.

While Dr Anderson has 12 years experience working with Dr Holmes she is not a dermatologist.

If patients see Dr Anderson and then need to progress to seeing Dr Gary Holmes (the dermatologist) they will most often have to make another appointment and will have to pay his full "initial consultation fee".

Please note: Dr Anderson is no longer accepting new patients for skin checks. 

Yes, people are seen at Sunshine Dermatology for cosmetic reasons.

Examples of this may include:  

surgical removal of moles for cosmetic reasons

laser removal of facial vessels

laser facial rejuvenation

skin peels


Dr Margaret Anderson runs the laser clinic and therefore it is preferable that people wishing to discuss treatment request an appointment with her.

Dr Anderson does not require a referral and bulk bills for the initial consultation only.


Currently most patients will be seen for initial consultation within 2-4 weeks.

Children with rashes are usually seen within a week.

Urgent cases are seen within days only  If a referring doctor contacts our practice and asks for an urgent consultation.

Medicare contributes to consultations other than those that are purely cosmetic.

Sunshine Dermatology and Drs Holmes and Anderson have no association with any private health insurers.

Private health insurers do not offer any rebate on consultations with doctors, and only contribute to the costs of procedures when those procedures are performed in hospitals.

Drs Holmes and Anderson do not have any associations with hospitals at this time.

On rare occasions medications may be covered by private health insurers. This arrangement is up to the patient to discuss with their private health companies.