Our Team

The Sunshine Dermatology team consists of Dr Gary Holmes and his wife Dr Margaret Anderson. They are supported by Sr Hillary Duplessis. Reception and other administrative tasks are performed by Nicole, Jo and Nicky.

Dr Gary Holmes Dermatologist

Dr Gary Holmes

Managing Director and Head Dermatologist

Dr Holmes is an Australian trained dermatologist. Dr Holmes worked in London for two years where he worked in clinics providing treatment of General Dermatology canditions, laser and skin cancer surgery. He then worked in Sydney for 5 years, prior to opening "Sunshine Dermatology" on the Sunshine Coast in 2003. Much of the work in Sydney involved removal of large skin cancers and repair of the subsequent defects with flaps and grafts. Dr Holmes practices General dermatology but also excels at skin cancer work. Dr Holmes performs skin checks and if necessary sunspots and skin cancers can be removed by creams, cryotherapy or various surgical techniques.

Sr Hillary DuPlessis dermatology nurse, laser,

Hillary DuPlessis

Dermatology Nurse Specialist

Hillary has been with Sunshine Dermatology for > 10 years. She is a member of the Australian Dermatological Nurses Association. She has been highly trained in cosmetic treatments including us of Lasers. She is licensed by the Queensland State Government to use lasers. Hillary works with the the two doctors, but also runs her own independent PDT and Laser clinics.

Dr Margaret Anderson

Cosmetic Physician

Dr Margaret Anderson is Dr Holmes' wife. Dr Anderson has worked in the cosmetic medicine field for the last 13 years. She specializes in the use of the vascular laser, treatment of facial vascular lesions, telangiectasia, vascular birth marks. Also wrinkle reduction with muscle relaxants. 

Currently Dr Anderson is not taking on any new patients for skin checks. She will continue to see her existing patients for these however.